Quake Mini-episode: Of Three Plantagenets


A mini episode consisting of three substantive maps plus a custom start map, all built around a dark medieval theme.

[Direct download from Quaketastic] [Mediafire download]

To install:

1) unzip such that the e1ubi folder sits inside your /quake/ root directory
2) start quake with the command line switch “-game e1ubi”
3) select “Single Player” > “New Game”

The map source files and quakec source files can be downloaded from [Quaketastic] or [Mediafire].


You can see playthroughs from aushan and jcr here:

2 thoughts on “Quake Mini-episode: Of Three Plantagenets

    • Thanks for pointing this out: I had changed the filenames but not the pointers within the maps themselves. It should be fixed in the new version.

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