Battle for Moscow Print & Play


Battle for Moscow is a board game originally designed by Frank Chadwick. The game was designed specifically to introduce new players to wargaming by incorporating many of the most common game mechanics (TEM, ZOCs, supply, etc.) in a streamlined package that is relatively easy to learn. Chadwick made Battle for Moscow freely available as a “Print & Play” game; you can read more about the game and find the rules here.

I have made some new map/counter artwork for this game, both of which are more in keeping with modern aesthetic sensibilities. These files are packaged into a zip archive, which can be downloaded here. This new graphics package is licensed under CC-BY-SA.

What’s in the zip?

The board

The board comes in two variants. The first is a square board with combat result and terrain effect charts. It was originally designed to be printed at 20″x20″. This happens to be the size of a traditional Monopoly board, the idea being that you can buy a spare board (they are readily available on eBay—just do a search for “Monopoly board only”) and glue this on top to make a nice mounted map board.

If printed at 20″x20″ this will result in a board with generous hexes that comfortably accommodate 2cm (4/5″) counters. Obviously, it can be printed at larger or smaller sizes, provided the counters are adjusted accordingly.


The second version of the map cuts off the side panel and has the playing area only. This variant is probably more suitable for those wishing to print the board at home (remember to scale the counters to match the hex size on your printed board).

The counters

To produce a print and play kit, the relevant counter file is “counters.pdf”. This contains the original vector artwork and can be printed at arbitrary resolution without quality loss. The PDF has three pages: the first page is an A3 sheet with all of the necessary counters.  Pages 2 and 3 are two A4 sheets with the counters split across them for those without a large format printer. Printing at these sizes will result in 2cm counters that match with the 20″ map mentioned above.

Also included are high-resolution rasterised PNG files. “Counters.png” has identical contents to the first page of counters.pdf. “Counters_notrim.png” omits the bleed and trim marks and is therefore not ideally suited to printing physical counters.smallcounters

Tabletop Simulator

I made a digital version of this game for use in Tabletop Simulator. You can get it through the Steam Workshop here.



Victory Point games make a professionally produced version of Battle for Moscow with their own graphics. Find out more about it here.

If the map is not to your taste, Malefic Max has made an alternative version available here.

Kashirigi has made an alternative set of counters, which are available here.


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