ArmA III: Breakdown


ArmA 3 Single Player Mission Breakdown

This is a single player mission for ArmA III.

The Mission

Your four man detachment is en route to Camp Wellington to participate in a briefing for the upcoming Operation Redemption, more popularly known as the surge.


The peacekeeping effort is in now its fifth month. Recent weeks have seen an increase in the intensity of sporadic insurgent attacks directed against NATO forces operating in the region. The main supply route between Camp Wellington in the North West and Camp Nelson to the South East has proven to be a particular hot spot and all personnel in the area are urged to exercise additional caution. The next days will be crucial as NATO gears up for a major consolidation effort that the American media have dubbed `the Surge’.


This mission requires the ArmA 3 map pack mod (ArmAholic mirror).

I don’t like asking people to install mods since I know it’s extra effort, but the ArmA 3 map pack brings seven(!) ArmA II maps into A3 and, as such, considerably enlarges the mission maker’s palette. Even if you don’t want to play this mission, the map pack is highly recommended.


Get it from the Steam Workshop here:


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