DCS World P51-D Mission: Adler Tag

P-51D firing on a FW-190D

This is a single player mission for DCS World P-51D Mustang.

Luftwaffe patrols from Adler have been sweeping south to hit friendly forces. This is a retaliatory action to neutralise the Adler threat. Hostile AA is reported North of Adler aerodrome. You are inbound for an attack on Adler airfield. Jerry are scrambling to meet you so hit them before they have chance to bring the fight to you. Return to Babushara once the area is clear.

Donload here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2cbnkpg0ob2fh6n/AdlerTag.zip

The file contains three variants of the mission with different load-outs for the allied aircraft: one with just guns, one with guns + rockets, and one with guns + bombs.

To install place the file in <DCS world install folder>\Mods\aircrafts\P-51D\Missions\EN\Single


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