ArmA III Mission: Semper Invicta


There have recently been a number of premeditated insurgent attacks against NATO patrols attempting to enforce an uneasy peace in Altis. Post-incident chemical analysis has linked these incidents to a common source by the presence of the explosive compound octol in the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used. Octol is an expensive and highly specialised compound whose use is almost entirely restricted to military applications. This has led us to suspect that our Persian neighbours on the island are secretly supplying the insurgent forces with explosives in the hopes of undermining the NATO peacekeeping mission. Our intelligence sources have implicated Iranian Lieutenant Massoud Hanifnejad in the explosives smuggling operation. Hanifnejad, though, is an inconsequential go between with many replacements waiting in the wings. If we wish to permanently disrupt the insurgency it is necessary to strike the organisation at its heart. We expect a new explosive shipment is to go out today. This represents an opportunity to locate the insurgent leaders that are orchestrating this terror campaign. The situation is diplomatically very sensitive. Accusing the Iranians without any firm evidence risks souring our already fraught relationship and reigniting the recently ended conflict in the region.

You are tasked with using Hanifnejad to locate the Insurgent leadership and launching a coordinated strike against them. Your mission is to be executed in two phases. The first phase is to infiltrate the compound where Hanifnejad is based and install a GPS transmitter in the civilian SUV that we believe is used for the smuggling operation. The second phase of the mission is to monitor Hanifnejad’s location via the GPS signal. Once the insurgent stronghold is identified, you will participate on a coordinated strike on that location.


Day and night operations.
A mixture of action and stealth.
Voice radio comms.

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2013-09-25_00006 2013-09-18_00001


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