Arma II SP Mission: A Different Kind of War III

Screenshot from A Different Kind of War III showing a sniper at night

As the insurgency on mainland Chernarus intensifies, it is clear that a key source of finance for the insurgents’ operations is the illegal manufacture and export of opiates. The recent elimination by Force Recon of insurgent poppy seed production facilities north east of Krasnostav and key logistical facilities on Utes has severely impeded the smuggler’s activities. Now is the time for the coup de grace: a once and for all strike at the leadership structure of the insurgents’ operation.

Intelligence gathered by FR operatives on Utes island and civilian informants in Chernarus is helping to close the net around the insurgent drug smugglers whom we have been pursuing. Your mission is to insert behind Russian lines to strike a fatal blow to the insurgent command and control structure. INSERTION: You will insert by parachute out of a C-130J above the target area. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: Your primary objective is the elimination of two key figures; (i) Dragan Globenko, head of the local secret police and enforcer for the insurgents, and (ii) Fedor Cherchesov, the head of the smuggling operation. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: Destroy insurgent weapons caches at Solnichniy Factory, and eliminate insurgent H.Q.

Download from ArmaHolic

The BI forum post is here.


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