Arma II SP Mission: A Different Kind of War II

Screenshot from A Different Kind of War II showing a fishing boat.

This is the second mission in the “A Different kind of War” series, and follows on almost immediately from the first.

As the insurgency on mainland Chernarus intensifies, it is clear that a key source of finance for the insurgents’ operations is the illegal manufacture and export of opiates. The recent elimination by Force Recon of insurgent poppy production facilities north east of Krasnostav has impeded the smuggler’s activities, but drugs continue to flow out of the region. We believe the drug smuggling operation to be centred around the Russian-controlled island of Utes, just off of the Chernarussian coast. Force Recon is to infiltrate Utes and strike at this drug manufacturing centre.

Since Utes is under Russian control, a helicopter insertion is too risky. You will approach the island from the NE under cover aboard a civilian fishing boat. Your primary objective to destroy the drug consignments at Utes airfield, and at the insurgents’ drug factory. But first, as we speak, the Russian T-72 night crew are preparing to move out and begin their patrol. Can you eliminate them before they protect themselves in a 40tonne case of steel? The clock is ticking…

Note: You can’t swim with your gear, so make sure to get nice and close to the shore before you and you men disembark from the boat.

Download from ArmAHolic

The BI forum post is here.


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