Arma II SP Mission: A Different Kind of War

A Different Kind of War screenshot: a guard with an assault rifle stands atop a guard house.

Force recon is tasked with eliminating elements of an insurgent opium smuggling operation north east of Krasnostav. A recent upsurge in insurgent activity in the Northern quarter of Chernarus has been linked with poppy farming activities in the area around Krasnostav. Poppies are farmed for opium, which exported to Utes for use in the manufacture of the drug heroin destined for Europe and the Americas, and we estimate that as much as thirty percent of world opium production takes place here in Chernarus. This illegal drug trafficking is financing a large proportion of the insurgency, and it is expected that interrupting their supply chain will severly inhibit their ability to procure new arms, armaments, and personnel for use in their campaign against US forces in the South.

Download at ArmAHolic

Chow860 made a YouTube playthrough video of this mission, which you can see here:


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